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About sales of swords and gas guns
In our shop, I will sell neither swords nor gas guns to less than 18 years old.
Moreover, please acknowledge being likely being likely to request submitting ID cards when it purchases it by the situation.
Munemasa Cutlery is considered foremost in the planning and manufacture of traditional Japanese hunting blades. These Japanese hunting blades have two historical roots. The first are hunting blades used by soldiers who lost in battles and fled into the mountains. Theyfre-designed and converted the battle swords into knives to fit the hunting needs for survival in the mountains.
The second are Japanese hunting blades that were used by mountain people known as MATAGI who lived in various mountain regions throughout Japan. These hunters created knives to fit their hunting and everyday needs and were considered a hunterfs most prized possesion. Munemasa has gone to the various mountain regions to carry out research and to photograph the many blades still in existence to authentically recreate these magnificent Japanese hunting blades.

Munemasa Cutlery has been introducing traditional Japanese knives and blades for over 15 years through their catalogues and over the many years have been very well received. Presently, Munemasa Cutlery is considered No. 1 in the introduction and information of traditional Japanese knives.

The secret of Munemasafs success stems from a long and trusting relationship built over the years with succeeding generations of famous swordsmiths and bladesmiths as well as their stringent quality control, using metal microscopes and the actual field testings.

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